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Branded tyres in Nottingham to suit you

As well as the premium named brands, such as Michelin, Dunlop, Pirelli and Goodyear, we can order the best car tyres from mid and budget-range manufacturers such as Hankook, Avon, Landsail and Kuhmo.

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How to read your tyres

The size of a tyre is on the sidewall of the tyre. You’ll see a series of numbers and letters, such as 205/55/R16 91V.

This is your tyres size, each number means the following:
Tyre Size Markings - Order Tyres Online

How do I know if my tyres need changing?

Your tyres and pressures should be checked at least every 2 weeks and always before undertaking long journeys. If you can see or suspect any of these bullet points then it may be time for them to be changed.
The age of your tyres can be checked by looking for the DOT markings on the side of the tyre. These give you the week and year that your tyres were made. If there are any tyres that are over 5 years old you should consider replacing them.